What's the need?

We observed that there is a huge problem in dealing with the scourge of malnutrition lies in collecting anthropometric data for identification of the malnourished child at an appropriate time and using this data for treatment and/or referral of the malnourished child within a medically acceptable time limit.

Also the statistical analysis and report production after the data collection takes such long time that it becomes useless for any corrective action at policy and programme level.

There is huge delay between data collection and data analysis

Data analysis part is also not very effective due to lots of manual intervention



Our Approach

We believe in Lean Principle which is a systemic method for the elimination of waste ("Muda") within any process. Lean also takes into account waste created through overburden ("Muri") and waste created through unevenness in work loads ("Mura").

The innovative tool to provide this solution is a system of four integrated stages -

Data collection through Ezzy Poshan's Smartphone client application, it's working on any of the three platforms - iOS, Windows and Android. Each single child is issued an unique ID and is tracked for treatment and subsequent rounds of anthropometric measurements for longitudinal data sets.

Data transmission to the main server and data analysis on the server.

At the data analysis stage itself there is a provision for recognition of a malnourished child in need of treatment and/or referral and alert is sent to the concerned officials with details of the child's identity and location for referral and/or treatment of the malnourished child. A provision has been made that this action is taken within 4 days of anthropometric data enumeration of the child.

Statistical Data Analysis and Report Production.


Setup and Training

We setup the application, database and server for the customer initially

Hands-on training is provided to the user to help them understand Ezzy Poshan and learn how to use it in their daily job

Handholding, Support and AMC

We consider providing support to our customers as our prime duty. We provide 1 month free support to all our customers irrespective of customer type and size in all phase of program execution.


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